Marquette Waterfront Condos

At The Landing, Waterfront property meets modern day life. Located conveniently near downtown Marquette and just steps away from Lake Superior, when you live here you can have it all. From kayaking along the shore to enjoying local nightlife, The Landing condominiums are situated in a premier location that enables residents to experience everything that Marquette has to offer.

Along with a superior location, The Landing also offers state-of-the-art design, delivering a perfect balance between architectural appeal and environmental sustainability. The Landing Development Group has worked strategically to incorporate innovative building materials and techniques with a classic style. As a result, The Landing condominiums support modern life while also agreeing with the centuries old character of Marquette.

Imagine a life where you can have it all, a life where natural beauty and downtown living are combined. At The Landing condominiums in Marquette we deliver just that. We also understand that the needs of each resident are different which is why our skillfully designed condominiums are available in a variety of floor plans at multiple price points. At The Landing condominiums we'll help you find a home that suits you.

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